Well, dad took my camera for vacation and left his Nikon behind. I’m not complaining too much.

Paracetamol and the Golden Chrysanthemum

There are many things in life that cannot be “explained” – this is essentially what people would continually think throughout history and present. For anything we can’t explain, we, as humans, may attribute with spirituality until we find a plausible answer. We can fill it with phantasmagoria or use folklore, or we can attribute humanistic or supernatural theories; above all, humans are not comfortable without answers. Perhaps this is why science exists – to give us answers that we can reuse and replicate. What if we start to run out of answers?

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I just bought a new keyboard.

Actually, I bought two. The first one was a complete dud. Went and exchanged it for another but it still didn’t work. Word of advice – never buy anything from XS Cargo unless it’s something disposable like batteries. Both keyboards didn’t even type properly.

But this new one?

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“Honest people never prosper.”

Why is it You’ve created a world where the hungry, yet wasteful flesh-eaters indulge, and the truly philanthropic subjects are left to suffer? Is it you or I that should worry I question you so?