I just bought a new keyboard.

Actually, I bought two. The first one was a complete dud. Went and exchanged it for another but it still didn’t work. Word of advice – never buy anything from XS Cargo unless it’s something disposable like batteries. Both keyboards didn’t even type properly.

But this new one?

It’s the smoothest keyboard I’ve ever used in my life. It barely makes any noise and it actually picks up what I’m typing! It doesn’t miss every 5th word and whatnot.

It’s a pity, really, because the other keyboard combo had a really nice mouse.

This combo thing uses one USB port. ONE! So much better than a bunch of wires flying around in the back of my computer.

At least now what I need to do is make sure I don’t waste money like that again.

By the way, XS Cargo has the worse customer service, but I guess that’s why things are so cheap – you get customer service rejects working for the store to keep the costs down, just like how No Frills keeps things cheap by making you use cardboard boxes (although even though No Frills is cheap, the people working there aren’t assholes).

Lessoned learned: bargains aren’t quite bargains, even if it means you bought a shitty mouse and keyboard for 18 bucks.

Random note: I just realized that I price matched this thing 1 dollar more expensive than what it was at Best Buy. Oh well – I need to write an essay and I don’t have time to wait another hour in customer service to do it. They can have that dollar.