I’m a little tired of being who people want me to be today, or what I’ve been fooled into thinking was me.

I’m going to be myself today.

Just for today, I promise.

Though this will be the only promise I break one day, when I have it.

As a Retrospect Oldie

The 1980s and 1990s felt more like transition years to 2000 and, furthermore, probably what 2010s will turn out to be. We had the 60s, which was the year of feminism, and the 70s with heightened social diversity. While many political and socioanthropological advances were made in the following two decades, there didn’t seem to be a change in phase for what our we have in store for these recent ones.

Is it really wise to let sex become an expectation to our children, and, while I’d hope not, our grandchildren?

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