How to Feel

feel.gif She walks onto stage from the left direction. Or maybe she walks onto the stage from the right. Maybe she’ll fly onto stage, attached hideously by transparent wires. Maybe she’ll appear out of nowhere, or so you’ll think.

She’s going to walk placidly and elegantly. She’s going to walk like a walking, swaying coconut tree from Cuba. Or she’s going to walk like a stoic tiger with such majestic marching and a powerful face. Maybe she’s going to walk with shaking knees, barely supporting her body, as she breaks down into a fountain of woe onto the hard, oak floors.

Regardless of where or how she’s going to walk onto stage, she’s going to sing, chant, dance, or dictate your life to you; if only you could write it for her.

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And so, I was finished

For many months, I have told myself that I had wanted to blog; but, an alter ego came into my mind, and constantly badgered myself to finish the already anticipated design before actually blogging.

So here you have it; the old and anticipated design of Voukah. There are still possible things that I might have forgotten to take note of, so if you happen to be passing by and manage to catch one, please feel free to tell me via. comments or email.

It’s not necessarily the best it could be, but it’s a good start to something contemporary and accessible. Not too exciting, but nothing too boring.

Exams have been finished, might have a job tomorrow (let’s pray!), and a few busy days that I have anticipating might arise. Wish me luck, as I wish to everyone else!