What you should have taught your teenage son or daughter

Ah, the beautiful years of being a teenager. They’re the years where everyone wants to be someone – where they want to prove something about themselves because they believe they know the world in their little telescopes. They’re the years where the flowers have begun to bloom and the stir in the woods become more hostile and virile. Oh yes, we all seem to remember these strange years like an itch behind our necks – it’s always something that makes our skin turn pink just thinking about.

Civilisation is getting older, and so is the human notion of societal and self-actualisation needs in this fortunate little scope we call North America. As Mother Nature gets older, the societal and economic disparity only gets worse, and our living situations follow.

The birds and the bees have always been the topic everyone likes to joke about. What about the other stuff? When they finally step into the dark ages of what we know as “reality”, it’s simply not enough to explain what goes where, because we’re changing. Kids can look things up on their own now, and probably know fountains more than you do with the information age, and all that bull shit technology companies like to feed into our consumer brains.

What do we tell our kids?

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Life is never win-win, is it.

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