My So-Called Life III

It was finally cold: sans-sun. Refreshing, but somehow it felt like reminiscence lurks somewhere in the darker corners formed; however, it seems that, because of the lack of light, there’s little room to hide in imaginary shadows.

Well, that’s how a day could start off, isn’t it?

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My So-Called Life II

Everything seems to sit awkwardly still; there’s nothing moving except my fingers, and there’s no one else in here.

Well, I was supposed to be in a triple room, but it seems that both of my roommates never moved in. Well, one did, but he disappeared.

So here I am. Lonely as ever. Makes me miss home a little more.

At first I was afraid of mingling a little; I felt myself alienating myself like usual. Nothing unusual, but I wanted to change something. I tried, and kinda succeeded. Or so I hope, anyway.

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