Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that everyone has a nice, warm Christmas with lots of presents and spending time with the family (and if not, have a good Christmas anyway!)

Of course, I’m writing this at 3 in the morning, so this is the early portion of Christmas. Can’t wait for everyone to come over in a few hours. Yay!

Also, you may or may not notice; I have now added the FFXI portion of Voukah, compromising Forvis’ semi-existence with only the map quests, BLM AF quests, and the trial-fork avatar quests. More to come! (eventually).


My family, relatives, and I had dinner at a Cantonese restaurant on the evening of Christmas Eve. As I sat there, bored and discontented (as usual, per se), I was drawn to the attention to horrible table habits. Then I turned to my right: superiority persona, arrogant, and gaudy; above all things that could possibly irritate me.

I sit there, ranting to myself with the past of the cousins and hardships that seem to tie a ribbon around his gaudy figure, bursting novas of frustration that just cannot overwhelm my barrier of collectivism, but try their hardest to.

?Want tea??
?Yeah, sure. Yes please.?

I tapped the table three times with my fingers. *

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Who Really Has the Right of Way?

Many people walk on Earth with a mindset of who really has the right to do things. Unfortunately, many set their minds on only one person: ourselves, or someone else connected by a tight iron rope – such as a son or daughter, or an intimate partner. Should anything happen within those margins, people will do their best to fulfil and announce their rights in attempt to protect themselves or those that they feel sincere to. However, the one who stares behind a foggy glass obviously will not see that. If a situation where both the offender and the offendee are both politically correct, who really has the right of way?

Unfortunately, the jury leaves the answer undefined.

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Design Reamp

This current design went through a bit of a reamp since I found that the navigation didn’t actually match the design. Instead, I decided to put it within the gravel part of the design. I will, eventually, put up an archive page, and possibly add more content that will change the way the site will be navigated. For now, the way you see it now is merely a process of construction. Stay tuned until then!

I cleaned up the code a little more, so the page should load slightly faster than it did before.