Mobile… again

After 5 days of endless hacking, purchasing of domain, and designing two designs at once, Aquanica.Net is now safe for view! (That is, if anyone bothers to visit it)

Everything except Voukah is not available to see just yet (I don’t have anything. Just have the design set up). I’ll get around to it hopefully within two weeks (just need to set more plugins and hacks to make sure everything runs properly).

It’s crazy what PHP can do nowadays, especially with the scripts that are out there. Well beyond what I had to work with when I was 14. More sophisticated, but much, much more versatile and extensive. It’s amazing.

Anyhow, quite a few things have come up since Aquanica came into existence again.

Last week I had a minor surgery, let’s say. Nothing serious, but I was pretty much out for a week. What it was… well. I don’t want to get into any details. But something I did learn during then – codeine gives you the worst constipation ever. I snarl at my dad for feeding me T3’s last week.

I also managed to find a job – today was training. It wasn’t much training seeing how all I’m doing is lifting shit and watering plants. And ringing purchases in. That’s about it. By the end of the day, I was covered in top soil, every possible manure they sold, water and cedar mulch. By the end of it, I stank like soggy, woody shit (quite literally). Dirty job, but I like it. Also something to note – marigolds stink like a rotting skunk. It was nice to take a huge waft as I was moving them around.

Cancelled my FFXI account for now. Could save the money for school and stuff seeing how I don’t want to overbear myself with debt.

Uh. And I’ve gotten into wearing shorts again? Feels somewhat unusual seeing how I never do, but I decided to try them on today. Hope I didn’t blind people with my pale white legs.

What the fuck am I talking about, I haven’t the slightest clue.

I’m exhausted, I smell like shit, and I’m still a little revved up because WordPress wasn’t cooperating with me for a bit. Yeah, what a hard life.

and mr. cruz, i hope you choke on that fucking pasta you’re eating.

my (anti)life

for 6 years of my life, this is all i have to show for it.

a fake
cluster of pixels
that reflect where i wish i lived, in the life i wish i was in.

how childish and fantasy-like.

i’m not totally ready to let go, but it’ll come one day.

it wasn’t a wasted childhood as you might think. sometimes when you know reality is cruel, drenching your soul in absolute bliss of phantasmagoria and complexity is really the only choice you have.

nostalgic? perhaps.

untitled 2

green, luscious green. taste it with your fingers; feel it with your tongue. can you hear it through your nostrils? or can you smell it with your heart?

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