Follow the path

Where does it take you?

Is this road made of cobblestones or gravel or clay or asphalt? Is it wetted by the tears of disgruntled, dreamless beings? Is it entrenched in the blood of hopeless desires and noosed benevolence?

Do others accompany you? Are these beings unconditional or fleeting? Are these beings fair and bright with unceremonial daggers under their cloak? Are they disheveled with blood on the corners of their smile and decorated with a scar under their eye? Are these beings here with or without cause? Are these beings real?

Are these paths decorated with flowers, or were the flowers paved over with a path? Does water tear the path into fractions, or did this path rape the natural aquaduct? Can you see the sky on the ground, littered with stratosphere and the milky silk asphixiating the light? Is there water at all?

Will there be obstacles? Will there be guides? Will there be a mighty morphing jester that changes shape to entertain you while you are hindered in your progress? Will you climb mounts or hills or valleys, or will the sheering wind prune your existence away?

Is there snow impeding your path? Will the blistering hot burn the light out of your eyes?

Is there even a path?