fresh books

As 2010 draws to a close, it’s time to sit in front of the fireplace and speak of epic stories and hopeless nostalgia about what has just passed these 12 months.

That’s funny – there’s no snow on the ground, it’s 5ÂșC, and the heater isn’t even on. There isn’t a need to light the fireplace this New Year. The family rooms are empty and quiet, and I don’t smell cinnamon and spice like I used to. Has something gone astray?

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Yep, that’s right. A new design! It didn’t turn out as good as I thought it would, but it’s a bit better than the last one. I don’t like how constricted the spacing is, but I suppose I’ll learn to live with it for another what, year or more? (eg. the Microsoft trend).

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Done exams!

Dinner table set for one, with a whole lotta left-overs on it.
But that’s okay.
I have the day to myself! …

But then I have all that stuff for CAPSI.
And the stuff for IHI.
And my resumé!
And the tests that come after break.
And the Christmas shopping…

I don’t think I’m done. Nothing to myself? That’s no fun.

Oh well. I’ll procrastinate… just a little bit.

i want this.

Yeah, when I saw this, I went ape-shit. I guess I can only wish, huh?

Yeah, I’m procrastinating. Big time. One more exam to go!

Oh, and new design for Voukah in the making. I hope. At least it won’t look nearly as ugly.