Multidimensional Analysis

Transient pain in the right upper quadrant. Unremarkable impression.

A simultaneous astrophysical kinetics of velocity, displacement, acceleration and time. An incomputable relation.

A unexplainable abrasion on the left cheek with no remarkable social history. Unremarkable impression.

A mathematical simulation to determine the shortest distance travelled between an infinite number of destinations. Postman’s paradox. An incomputable relation.

Incoherent babbling of displaced words upon rest. An unusual and abrupt change to intelligible speech when addressed directly. Chronic lacrimal dryness. Unremarkable impression.

A combinatoric analysis of multiple series to elucidate the existence of multiple dimensions. Unusuable numbers. Divergent series. An incomputable relation.

A chronic twitching of the eyes. A phasing in and out of walking into stones in the sky and lava. Hysteria. No social history. Unremarkable impression.

An unremarkable impression is an incomputable relation. Relationship cannot be proven deductively. Evidence is lacking. Voices are too quiet. An incomputable relation.