Design Reamp

This current design went through a bit of a reamp since I found that the navigation didn’t actually match the design. Instead, I decided to put it within the gravel part of the design. I will, eventually, put up an archive page, and possibly add more content that will change the way the site will be navigated. For now, the way you see it now is merely a process of construction. Stay tuned until then!

I cleaned up the code a little more, so the page should load slightly faster than it did before.

  1. Blah…I hate this style of layouts. It’s so inconvenient for the visitor and it can get especially confusing…I liked it more when there was a side bar. That’s why most resource sites have sidebars and only personal sites which have only ONE page have navigations like that. Bleh.

    Yingna December 13, 2006 at 1:11 pm
  2. I didn’t really like the sidebar because it didn’t necessarily match with the actual orientation of the design. The main focus of this website, really, is the blog area, which I’m not too big and wonderful on at the moment because I just don’t have that sense of spark to post about something yet. And, as you have said, I only really have one page on this website anyway. XD

    I’ve run out of ideas in terms of orientation, really. The bottom part was to keep it as clean as possible such that the main focus area isn’t distracted by the sidebar.

    Franky December 17, 2006 at 1:06 am