My So-Called Life II

Everything seems to sit awkwardly still; there’s nothing moving except my fingers, and there’s no one else in here.

Well, I was supposed to be in a triple room, but it seems that both of my roommates never moved in. Well, one did, but he disappeared.

So here I am. Lonely as ever. Makes me miss home a little more.

At first I was afraid of mingling a little; I felt myself alienating myself like usual. Nothing unusual, but I wanted to change something. I tried, and kinda succeeded. Or so I hope, anyway.

I find being something solemn and quiet was being of something snobby and cold. I never really liked thinking of this identity of something of detriment to my social well-being, but I’m beginning to disbelieve myself after a while. However, it’s never to say that I plan to become anymore social than I am; I do my best to meet people, but it never seems to work that way. Things seem to come gradual for me – sadly, I probably won’t see the same person twice as I did in high-school. Or close enough to it, anyway.

Everything is neat and tidy here. All of the boxes standing stoic and stern against a few aged and abused desks. And well, here’s my clustered test of a computer and a printer. Oh, and I have a corner of a walk-in closet, in case you haven’t gotten that picture yet.

Speaking of being in the corner, I’ve found my indecisiveness has become a lot more thicker and murky than it became before – I want to go for a walk, but I’m hesitant; I want to shower, but I feel uncomfortable. I hope this lack of confidence brushes off before I find myself being driven insane. Or with an insanely bad odour, anyway.

Not much to say about my life here so far, but I look forward to more stuff. Entries about shouting and screaming “water!”, then “loo!” will not suffice for legit updates of my life. Well, that is, until I run out of words to type – being all digital and forward.

I’ll figure something out.

  1. Get some shower shoes and a fridge and log back on :P

    Xetzu September 4, 2007 at 9:01 pm
  2. It will get better :3 And I’ll always be here to talk to whenever you want. Just send me a text or somethin. ^^ I’m somewhat dreading transferring to Uni myself. I just hope my room mate is nice. :

    Kris September 4, 2007 at 10:26 pm