Recipe for Charisma

A cup of good looks, a pint of smooth speech, an ounce of cheesy jokes, and a tablespoon of pervert and sycophant makes a charismatic person – everyone knows the recipe, but why do we always fall for it? If we know that the chemistry of a person’s behaviour is merely false, then why do we compromise their presense so nicely?

charisma.jpgWe cannot possibly be so blind to let it get to us – we’re all working people in one way or another; we all have seperate interests, and different tastes for people and we sure don’t give a damn about the person who – keeping it to themselves as best as possible – is really in the state of chaos. So why do we draw our attention to those otherwise? Have we sunken ourselves to such a low that not only do we acknowledge that there are people in true calamity, but that we have decided to rub it in their faces with someone of less importance?

Don’t give yourself a hypocritical title – you must’ve respected someone that – in true honesty – has no real sense of contribution to society. Instead of giving those who run around organizing community events and helping for our better cause, we are licking clean of the shoes of a gaudy sycophant that only wants attention. Although many bien-willed beings out there refuse to have too much attention, are we truly fulfilling their wish by completely giving them a cold shoulder? I think not.

There are many people that we should be praising for their efforts, or thanking furiously for a reason to live, but we seldom give them much to live from. Why must we make them sacrifice if we don’t care about them?

Take my mom’s friend, for example. A lot of people – including her own family – enjoys taking advantage of her generosity. If a family member were to ask her for money, there would be no question. She would remember every birthday – regardless if it’s of the Lunar or Modern calender – and she’d always be there if you ask her to be. Although her speech is very coarse and agressive, you can tell that she has very good intentions.

Or take my own parents for that matter. I’ve gotten sick and tired of having to go back and forth to different houses, just because my dad and mom want to do something generous for people, and even costing their own time at home (and really their own well-being. They always come home exhausted and cranky). I mean, they’re nice and all, and I praise them vigorously for all they have done, but what annoys me is the fact that it is rare that they recieve much credit for what they have done. In fact, in most cases, there’s family gossip flying around for our family, while some spotlight queens have the spotlight to themselves. Why is it, because they do such good deeds, that they are given such negative attention?

For anyone’s sake in the well-being of society, praise those that actually contribute to the society.

  1. Sometimes I wish I could just print out your blog entries and put them up in my school’s newspaper. You do have a point and I must give you accolades for that. :)

    Josephine November 8, 2006 at 1:17 am