Okay, so maybe I haven’t updated in a while. This is probably also the reason why there’s nothing here. I’ve decided to start fresh again and to do everything over again. A lot of the content seemed a bit too stale, and nothing was really written such that it’d be interesting to anyone – not even I. So, with an irontically stale entry at the moment, I’m going to write more less-stale content. Or let’s hope, anyway.

So expect something less personal and more out for the audience. Or my failed attempt, anyway. So, do you like the new look? No? Well, too bad. It took me three days of headache and coding frustrations to get it to look the way it does. It’s going to stay like that for a good while.

  1. It reminds me of an old layout that you used a while ago using the Chinese subscripts or something. Anyway, I like it. It’s very clean and big. =)

    John September 18, 2006 at 9:19 pm
  2. Liking the new layout Franky, very clean and simple. Nice job ^^. Are the two side graphics anything in particular?

    Akiyama September 21, 2006 at 12:56 pm
  3. Ehm, not really. I was trying to make something big and flashy, but I ended up making this weird effect when I was playing around with the filters and blending options. You may not guess it, but I got that effect from using Yuna’s face from FFX. XD Thanks guys!

    Franky September 21, 2006 at 1:50 pm