The City in the Cloud Appears

After nearly 10 years after the absolutely fantastic book had been published by Phillip Pullman, The Golden Compass is finally going appear outside of books and into picture. Indeed, a movie!

Whether you have read this book or not, it looks hypnotic and awe-worthy. The teaser for this movie proves it all.

The Golden Compass, the first of the His Dark Materials series is a phantasmal story that implicitly touches on, from what I have found, the reconciliation of geographical and technical science, and the power of religion in a not-so-pretty way. On top of that, the story follows many biblical (almost to the point where it’s sacrilegious) concepts, while involving typical fairy-tale fantasy aspects – like ghosts, witches, and talking animals.

Chris Weitz (About a Boy, American Pie), in my opinion, has really picked a good choice as to writing a screenplay for this book, as not only am I on the verge of finishing my second round of The Golden Compass, I, as many other readers of the book, would have probably wondered how everything in the book would have looked in a movie. It is, indeed, one of the many books that deserve a screen of fame – and the answer has been proven!

I’m not a personal fan of watching movies, but I think that I will go about ways to watching this movie. The actors that were chosen to fill the roles were pretty interesting too, but the strangest one I’ve found was Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter. Albeit posh and filled with attitude, I would have not necessarily pictured someone like her to fill the role.

Nonetheless, we shall see how she (and everyone else) fits in with the movie. I’m definitely excited about this movie. (And finally, I can learn how to properly pronounce alethiometer!)