Shed tears into a lifeless abyss of dimmed pupils and unquenched dreams.

Slender and silk to touch, you bear the grotesque fruits of despair. No matter how refined and quintessential you are in the broken city lights, you become adulterated by the soils of the dilapidated dreams that surround you.

You and I both are clueless why the dark night beseeched you. You grow to the rain and roughen to the listless that pass you by. You hold the knowledge within the school of Athens, but you are violated by the Trojan horse that sleeps quietly beneath your roots.

Ebony even in the brightest luminescence. You shield who seek shelter from the blistering sun, and listen involuntarily to the ailments of a maiden. Hardly one to complain, you gracefully sway to turbulence and rest complacently to the lifelessness around you.

You hold the secret to resilience with unmatched grace.

It is unfortunate that the broken lights shy away from your existence.