Ahoy! The (Obscenely) Far Road to Pharmacy!

I’ve started studying a bit more for the PCAT, and let me announce that even the diagnostic exam is made from absolute cruelty. Somehow it worries me a little bit.

I’ve already placed a date and paid for the registration fee for the PCAT, which is going to take place in late August. Just means I ought to study like crazy within the remainder of time.

At the same time, I also want to go visit Kris. Perhaps I ought to go soon, seeing how I’ll have to grind a little bit on my PCAT.

Oh, yeah, let’s go over the terrible result of the diagnostic exam that I cackled nervously at when marking it.

First of all, the highest mark I got was 72.5%, which isn’t too bad. The funny thing was, it was the section I thought I’d do worst on: reading comprehension. I’m going to take that result by a grain of salt, only because I’ve heard horror stories that this book doesn’t do the greatest job for that section. Either case, it was something I could lean on to tell myself that I’m not completely hopeless at this point in time.

But the other results. Oh boy.

What I found strange was how poorly I did in chemistry and quantitative; in fact, I didn’t even finish chemistry, and I just butchered the rest of quantitative for whatever reason. If only we were given more time. Oh well, that just means I need to drill myself like a madman until I get this all under control.

But the first part. Verbal ability? Absolutely hopeless. The first portion, being the sentence completion part, went well for the most part. The word association part?

Complete. Nightmare.

Now I understand why people seem to hate taking SATs – that part was terrible. I didn’t understand what half of the words meant, and best of all, I had no idea what to associate the word with. That’s something I ought to do – learn English all over again.

The essay part of the test is going to horrify me. Gotta start cracking on that part too.

I didn’t do so hot on biology either. I didn’t even “officially” pass that part either. Lots of the questions that were asked were things I never learned. Now I hope I can grasp them with this book; it had better give me a good chunk of what I need.

Le sigh. I think I’m going to stop ranting about it and start studying more. Hope I do well on this PCAT so I don’t have to take it again… I hope.

Yeah, and I still don’t have a job. Still sitting by my phone, waiting… while waiting for a day I can fly to California, at the same time.

The waiting… oh, the waiting.

  1. I’m going to look around here for some PCAT stuff for you w. Will drop by some bookstores once my finals are over and see what kinds of study books they have, or if there’s anything else you don’t already have similar that could be of any use. Maybe some less fail practice tests or more in-depth guides and tutorials on the various sections.

    Meanwhile I’ll start making some vocab flashcards hopefully for some -personal- tutoring. :> ohoho~


    Kris May 15, 2008 at 1:50 pm