A lexiconic gimmick.

A gesture for a jester.

A moment’s time worth little to an emptied vessel but a ruse for the broken.

A smile provoked when a snarl is better suited.

A childish play for an unenlightened fool.

A hawk amongst denizens instilled with oblivious idiocy.

A proper impropriety.

A torrent of drought amongst salivating complaints.

A sour fruit growing in the middle of sugar canes.

A rose that grows thorns without flowers.

An indescribable fear amongst the fearless.

A negative reinforcement for positive reinforcement.

A scented unscented soap.

A poor sap that could not have known better than to mind his own business.

A hello amongst sleeping passengers on a train to nowhere.

A description of nowhere.

A loss of voice.

A restriction.

A blessing

A curse.

A new you for only $99.99.

A pain.

A love.

A life.

A sun.

A line.